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期間限定企劃,特別推出兩款花束 (由$680由起),讓和我一樣喜歡他的你們都可以透過送一束花為他帶來一束光。分別有兩款選擇,三組定價:


🌻花語代表希望和象徵帶來好運的太陽花花束 (simple sunflowers)💐花藝師精選 (seasonal bouquet),用上當季時令花材為你設計最精緻的花束,有兩款尺寸可選,預訂時可以挑選顏色。

每束花將會附上一張由 GREG 親筆簽名的心意卡,購買 Seasonal bouquet 40-45cm (Retail price $2000) 更會獲得一份額外的紀念品。客人於指定日期可以親臨我們門市/自取點自取花束,或加購選擇送貨服務。

請注意有效期為一年。付款後將會收到Email 確認你的專有換領編號,適用於網上或店內兌換。換領時敬請提早3



11-14th Feb

7-12th May


  • Whilst we will do all possible to mirror the product you have chosen in shape, content and colours, Kew Garden Flowers reserves the right to substitute of any or all the contents is permitted and this will be deemed acceptable provided the product gives value for money. 


    In the event of dissatisfaction with the item delivered, Kew Garden Flowers reserves the right to expect a photograph of the product delivered in order to discuss with yourself further. Without a photo to support a complaint we may not be able to process a refund or re-delivery. 


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